Commercial Services

J&S Steamway… Providing Commercial Floor cleaning services to Anchorage businesses for nearly 4 decades.

Commercial carpet cleaning is a competitive business, and unfortunately it is seen by many cleaners in the industry as “low-hanging fruit”. In order to capture the greatest share of the market, they offer cut-rate services. This results is a “get in…get out’ mentality with little emphasis on quality workmanship and service.

We at J&S Steamway understand that our fellow Anchorage business leaders must watch their bottom line, especially with respect to the non-revenue side of our budgets. With that in mind, we strive to find a middle ground or happy medium between budgetary constraints and providing a clean and healthy environment while protecting your investment in the long term.

Why the lowest price isn’t always best…

The only way a cut-rate cleaner can turn a profit is by getting in and out of your business as quickly as possible. When traffic patterns become moderately to heavily soiled between cleanings, their tendency is to go heavy on detergents or highly acidic or alkaline chemicals to quickly attain an acceptable visual appeal. Two factors must be understood…

  1. The idea that, “If a little is good, more is better” does not fly in carpet cleaning. The application of increased amounts of detergents requires more flushing of the carpet fibers to prevent leaving a residue behind. This residue then attracts and holds dirt, speeding the re-soiling of your carpets. It becomes a vicious circle in which rapid re-soiling begets heavier detergent use which begets rapid re-soiling. The bottom line… your business is not looking it’s best year round.
  2. Many cut-rate cleaners do not understand acidity & alkalinity, and chemicals at both ends of the scale can and do cause irreparable damage to carpet fibers already stressed in major traffic areas, shortening the life of your floor covering.

J&S Steamway is positioned as the industry leader in this market. Our intent here is NOT to knock the competition, rather to better arm you to make educated business decisions. We are also working to provide our competition educational opportunities and access to the best cleaning products on the market today. We truly are committed to being of the greatest service to our community as is possible.

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