Contract Services

Over the years we have serviced a large number of commercial accounts, and there is one concern that we have heard more than any other. It goes something like this:

“We have our carpets cleaned once a year and often our traffic areas are filthy well before its time to have them cleaned again. We like our business looking great for our staff and customers but multiple cleanings just aren’t in our budget.”

At J&S, we take great pride in our services and it is important to us as well, that your business looks great at all times. Toward that end, we have developed programs that are working very well for many of our commercial accounts. Although these programs generally require an increased cleaning budget, they are custom designed to address your specific needs and provide your staff a cleaner, healthier work environment year round, and your customers a more positive impression and experience.

An additional benefit to establishing a regular cleaning program is the increased longevity of your flooring. When traffic areas are allowed to become heavily soiled between cleanings, the abrasive nature of particulate soils take a heavy toll on carpet fibers. Fiber damage is permanent and no amount of cleaning can completely restore the visual appeal of these areas. The vast majority of carpet replacement occurs when a relatively small percentage of the carpet is actually worn out.

If you are interesting in learning more about a cleaning program custom designed to fit your specific needs, call us at (907) 349-0911 or email us at and we will be happy to provide you a free estimate.