Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

You have invested in a beautiful, artistic rug to serve as the focal point of your guest room or living room. As gorgeous as this piece may be, it is going to eventually need maintenance! People are going to walk on it, mistakes are going to happen, and the natural wear and tear of daily life will reduce the quality of your rug without professional help.

The process of properly cleaning a rug is a bit more complicated than a wash and dry cycle. In order to maintain the day one look of your rug, you will need professional tools and a steady hand to operate them.

The cleaning process will change depending on the materials that your rug is made from – wool, cotton and silk are cleaned slightly differently in order to preserve their original look. Special cleaning products that are less abrasive than over the counter detergents help to ensure that the color of the rug is preserved while lifting dirt and grime from the materials. A professional cleaning also uses a process that does not allow dirt and sediments to attach themselves to the rug after the wash cycle. This helps your rug to stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

Getting your rug cleaned on a consistent basis helps to do more than keep up the look of your home. Rug cleanings help to remove allergens from the home, and the small bugs and parasites that naturally make their way into your home will find a home in your rug if you do not clean it consistently. A good, consistent cleaning will also ensure that any big spills do not fully embed themselves into the architecture of your rug.

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by J&S Steamway