A Word About Soil Filtration

What is Soil Filtration?

Soil Filtration is the discoloration of carpet due to the passage of air through carpet fibers in concentrated areas. It is most common along baseboards on perimeter walls. Gaps between the bottom wall plate and the subfloor allow the passage of air thru the carpet. The carpet along the base acts as a filter where soil particulate is deposited.

Filtration lines can also develop under doors that are left closed for long periods of time, and around any wall penetrations such as gas piping and ducting.

Can Soil Filtration lines be removed?

The ability of your professional carpet cleaner to remove these lines varies depending on the type and amount of soil, length of time the soil has been accumulating, amount of airflow, and the color and type of carpet fiber. The discoloration can be removed from most synthetic fibers. However, in severe cases, especially on light colored carpets, traces may remain after cleaning. It is usually very difficult to completely remove filtration soiling from wool or olefin carpets.

What can you expect from J&S Steamway?

Our technicians are experienced, educated, and armed with state-of-the-art equipment and solutions. Your tech will inspect your carpet, explain the recommended treatment, and let you know up front what you should expect from the cleaning. What we will not do is over-promise and under-deliver. It is our goal to provide you the best possible information with which to make your decisions.

by J&S Steamway