After Cleaning Tips for Carpet Care

Your carpet is clean!

Now what?

Here are a few tips to help make the most of your cleaning…

  • Please allow plenty of time for your carpet and/or upholstery to dry. Drying times are normally between 4 and 24 hours, depending upon temperature and humidity, type and density of the fabric or carpet, and the treatment received.
  • We recommend minimizing traffic on damp carpet. Please remember that your feet can be slippery when walking from damp carpet onto hard surfaces or down stairs. Wearing house shoes when you need to walk on damp carpet will keep oils from feet and socks from transferring into carpet. Upholstery should not be used until fully dry.
  • Your technician may place foam blocks under the feet of furniture to prevent rust or wood stains from transferring to carpet and to prevent moisture from carpet from wicking into your furniture. Please do not remove these blocks until the carpet is fully dry.
  • In the interest of your children and pets safety, it is best to keep them off the carpet until it is completely dry.
  • On occasion, a carpet will look great after cleaning, but during the drying process areas begin to look dingy or spotting appears. This is called “wicking”. Wicking is generally caused by heavy soiling deep within the carpet beyond what even the best equipment can extract without over-wetting during the cleaning. As the surface of the fibers dry, dirt carrying moisture wicks upward, drawn by the dry fibers on the surface. This can present in large areas such as traffic patterns or be limited to smaller spots.

    Should wicking occur after your cleaning, please give us a call do discuss the options. In some cases we will come out and re-clean the affected areas at no cost to you. In other cases our techs will have recognized the potential for wicking based on heavy soiling and alerted you to the possibility. We do offer reduced rates when re-cleaning is necessary based on the need to wick heavy particulate toward the surface in a first cleaning, that is then possible to extract in a second cleaning. In either case, rest assured that your satisfaction is our primary interest!

by J&S Steamway