Choosing a Good Carpet Cleaner Part 2

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7 Questions to Help You Choose a Good Carpet Cleaner

Question 2: What kind of experience do they have?

A number of situations that arise in professional cleaning experience to get the best cleaning and avoid problems.

First, the cleaner must understand what type of carpet they are working on. The of soiling and how the carpet is used are important factors. Are pets and/or children present? What kind of traffic does it get? What about cooking oils and other environmental soils?

Second, experience is a factor in knowing how to handle other situations that aren’t even related to cleaning, but have to do with customer service. Do the carpet cleaners know how to treat me and others they may come in contact with during the service experience? More about this in Chapter 5.

Training is a good start towards understanding these factors, but nothing replaces the right kind of experience. And I do stress the right kind of experience. Practicing something the wrong way for years just means that doing it wrong becomes a habit.

One thing you want to ask is “how long have you been in business?” If they have been in business for a while and the references check out from Chapter 1, then you are most likely on your way towards a good fit.

Finally, your professional cleaners need to understand and be experienced in the reason you are cleaning. There are actually six reasons people clean, and many times the cleaning is for more than one reason: What prompted you to have cleaning done at this time?

The Six Reasons

Reason 1


Experience proves that events drive more carpet cleaning than any other reason. Whether it is getting ready for Thanksgiving or mother-in-law is coming, events create a sense of urgency that doesn’t exist otherwise. Although entertaining guests or family on clean carpet is a fantastic idea, don’t let this be the only reason you clean.

Reason 2

Visible Soil

The second most common reason for cleaning is some type of visible soiling. Whether it is a spot or a traffic area, it just becomes unsightly. Many times, waiting until your carpet is visibly soiled is waiting too long. Traffic area damage may have occurred, and spots may have become permanent.

Reason 3


This is one of the best reasons to order cleaning. By properly caring for your carpet, you will dramatically increase the useful life of your carpet and it will look better all the time even when mother-in-law springs a surprise visit!

Reason 4


This is also a great reasons to clean. As your carpet does its job as a

“sink” or a “filter” it eventually becomes “full.” is cat It bacteria, insecticides, asphalt, and many other contaminants that need to be cleaned out.

Reason 5

Problem Solving

Occasionally something happens to a textile that appears to be a defect but can actually be corrected through professional cleaning. Usually before they send out a representative, carpet manufacturers will require your carpet to be serviced by a certified professional cleaning firm.

Reason 6

Odor Problems

Pet odors, cooking odors and others make their way into carpets, rugs, fabrics, and floors. There are a variety of new techniques and products available today to treat odor problems. Get a complete evaluation from one of our consultants. Regardless of what your reason is for cleaning, our company at your service. We are available for the most routine or complex questions you have.

by J&S Steamway